My Journal Quilt
May 27, 2007 to May 27, 2008
a block a week
     May 27th, 2007 began my 60th year and I've decided to copy an idea from the quilter France Holliday Alford (from an article in Quilting Arts, April/May edition... who made a journal art quilt for her 57th year, creating a square a week.  I plan to do the same and use the opportunity to experiment with many techniques I haven't tried because I didn't want to commit to a huge quilt on a technique I wasn't sure of.  The Journal Quilt Project was an inspiration to me.  I bought the book Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project (Paperback) by Karey Patterson Bresenhan (Author) to give me ideas throughout the year.  
Square One...Photo transfers, fabric and yarn appliqued, 'embrace life' charm added.  All squares will be 6" finished.
Square Two...Following a visit to Sacramento to see Tom's parents and his cousin, Kim, we went to Oklahoma City for the first Arms Cousins' Reunion.  This block has two flaps covering photos.  The brick fabric represents our exploring Bricktown in OK City.  The two pins are from OK centennial and the Red Hawks baseball team.  The chair charm (center bottom) was from our visit to the National Memorial Museum.
Square Three...This week was Flag Day and Fathers' Day.  I donated blood in honor of Father who gave me life.  The heart was cut from the arm band used after donating.  The letters are embroidered.  The base fabrics are from a quilt I was working on this week.
Square Four...This week I worked on the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  It has been in progress for about 10 years.  (For more on the quilt see the "Keepers" page on this website).
Square Five...This week Lani and Lexi came for a visit and I had them decorate fabric with felt pens.  They drew and colored butterflies.  After they left I added a couple photos.  (I miss you both so very much, but have this square to remind me of you.)
Square Six...Can't say much except it's Christmas in July!  Working on secret projects and put together some of the fabric scraps here.
Square Seven...We flew to Portland to see Adam, Julia and Amelia and then took the train to Minot, ND.
Square Eight...While in Minot we visited the International Peace Garden, attended the Great Northern Railway Historical Society Convention, went to the ND State Fair, and drove to Bismarck for a tour of the capital.
Square Nine...From Minot we took the train to San Juan Capistrano, CA to see Briny, Lani, Lexi and Dean, tour the mission and attend the Festival of the Arts and the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna.  Afterward we flew home.
Square Ten...The week was spent using many scraps to create quilt postcards.  In the process I wanted to try a strip square.
Square Eleven...Some quilt postcards were made with princess and Thomas Train fabric.  Lexi, Dean and Amelia enjoy getting the cards from Grandpa and Grandma. :) :)  (The light blue and red fabrics were also used this week in making curtains for my classroom/learning lab.)
Square Twelve...School begins!  
Square Thirteen...Time again to donate blood.
Square Fourteen...Four day week seems like double that.  Busy beginning of school.  Amelia turns 4 years old!
Square Fifteen...This was a week of Bunco, quilt guild meeting, and game night.  The Moonlight fire between Quincy and Chester filled the skies with smoke all week.
Square Sixteen...Working on surprise signature quilt (click here).  Will divulge details once gift is presented :).  See who is getting married!  click here and scroll down on the page you go to
Square Seventeen...Fabric from miniature Dresden flower in progress.  Chaos at school with Jen deciding to take a leave.
Square Eighteen...We were thrilled to see Adam, Julia and Amelia.  We visited Nan and Pop, where Amelia played with cousin Carson Vanella.  We went to the new Depot Park and Farmer's Market in Paradise and of course got a lot of play time in with Amelia.  Oh, and we can't forget making chocolate chip cookies!
Square Nineteen...(first week of October)  This square was inspired by the autumn leaves falling and a quilt hanging in the quilt show.   
I scanned leaves from the backyard and printed them on transfer paper.  I then glued the actual leaves to a square of black fabric, sprayed the fabric with a bleach mixture, rinsed it, pressed it and used an iron-on technique to apply the fabric leaves.
Square Twenty...(second week of October)  After winning a "Pick-a-Prize" basket at the quilt show, I decided to try one of the patterns featured in 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars by Carol Doak, a book from the basket.   
To create a 7 inch square I had to reduce the pattern by 58%, which created some VERY SMALL pieces.  This star is the California Star from the book.  
Square Twenty-one...(third week of October) The pink fabric was dyed with poke weed from our front yard.  The application of gold leaf was attempted after reading the Oct./Nov. edition of Quilting Arts Magazine. The use of fusable web worked on the brown leaf, but not on the O's (graphic for Oregon Shakespearian Festival).  Oh, well, the purpose of this journal quilt is for experimentation anyway. :)
Square Twenty-two...(last week of October)  The inspiration for this square came from a quilt exhibited at the Annie's Star Quilt Show.  I was surprised to see a larger concept of the same style in the 'Fiber Tiles' article of the Oct./Nov. edition of Quilting Arts Magazine!
Square Twenty-three...(first week of November)  This square is made from the remnants of my raffle entry in the newsletter block of the month for the Annie's Star Quilt Guild meeting.  (my ticket wasn't drawn) 
Square Twenty-four...(second week of November)  Once again I'm using fabric I dyed using poke weed berries.  Busy now doing an applique project.  Also donated blood again.
Square Twenty-five...(third week of November)  Tom and I drove to Portland for a visit with Adam, Julia and Amelia.  Then to Long Beach, WA, Astoria, OR and down the coast to Coos Bay, OR before coming home.
Square Twenty-six...(fourth week of November...Can the year really be half over!!!)  Still off school.  Much to do upon coming home.  Made Christmas gifts for grandchildren.  Thanksgiving dinner ...Father, Mother, Tom and me at their place. (Fell in love with technique to show leaf shadow!)
Square Twenty-seven...(last week of November)  Coming soon!!!!  The game that adds COLOR and quilt patterns to the popular Bunco game!
Square Twenty-eight...(first week of December)  Hanukkah begins!  Tom and I decorate the Christmas tree and string lights on three trees for candles.  Finally, using glue for fusing fabrics, I was able to get the gold leaf to adhere.  The red flames are puff paint.
Square Twenty-nine...(second week of December)  I have always wanted to put this photo of Dean and me at the beach into a fabric creation.  I printed the photo onto fabric (in reverse) and 
machine stitched pieces of fabric onto 
the front, from the back...using the 
photo on the back as my guide.  Then
I added more black stitching from the
Square Thirty...(third week of December)  This fabric was used as I began working on my Round Robin Art quilt for the guild.  We are also getting ready for Christmas so bells seemed appropriate and I hadn't embellished any squares since summer!
Square Thirty-one...(fourth week of December)  Celebrated Father and Mother's 62nd anniversary at their place.  Celebrated Christmas at John & Sue's.  Briny, Lani, Lexi and Dean were here and we played in the snow at Horace Brakebill School in Stirling City.
Square Thirty-two...(last of December & beginning of January 2008!)  The first of the week brought photos from Katie Greenfield of Christmas in Portland.  Tom also took pictures of the snow at our place while I was in Chico with Father and Mother.  (December 31, donated blood)
Square Thirty-three...(first full week of 2008!)  It's back to work after winter break.  My turn to host Bunco and we used the prototypes of the new quilt dice!
Square Thirty-four...(second week of January)  Thus begins the round robin for Annie's Star Quilt Guild.  These are some of the fabrics I used on the first quilt I have received.  I feel challenged being in the 'Art' category.
Square Thirty-five...(third week of January)  Our second grandson, Gabriel is born!!!!! to Adam and Julia. (details below)  We also had a snow day last week, early release yesterday, and snow day today (January 30).
Square Thirty-six...(last week of January)  In cleaning drawers during the snow days I discovered some cross-stitch I had done at the age of 14.  Rather than throw it away I have put it in this square.
Square Thirty-seven...(first week of Feb.)  I flew to Portland to visit and help with Gabriel.
Square Thirty-eight...(second week of Feb.)  Time flew and Gabriel grew.  Amelia and I played together.  It was heaven to hold Gabriel!
Square Thirty-nine...(third week of Feb.) Before heading home I spent time visiting Lexi (to celebrate her birthday) in Ladera Ranch, CA!
Square Forty...(last week of Feb.)  Upon arriving home I found the snow was gone and the daffodils were in bloom.  This square uses the method I learned while attending the Folsom Quilt Show with Bonnie (Feb. 3, 2008).  Melinda Bula will be the speaker at our guild meeting next week!
Square Forty-one...(first week of March) Lani's birthday was March 9th.  I thought about her all day. :) This square was a batik I did with her in 1980.
Square Forty-two...(second week of March) The hills are green!!!  The sun shines.  The rain falls.  The flowers bloom!  It's spring!  (Gave blood!) R? Yes? No?
Square Forty-three...(third week of March)  Good Friday, March 21, and it is now for sure...I will retire at the end of this school year (the big R...see last week) Spring break and I spent most of the week working on a quilt for a special person (see the nine squares from the project), then went to Roy and Donna's for Easter dinner.
Square Forty-four...(last of March/first of April) Continued working on the special quilt (see nine squares below and click here to see the quilt).  Fun and crazy birthday escapade with friends to celebrate Lori Round's  50th birthday.
Square Forty-five...(second week of April) Seven pillow projects in the works.  Used bits and pieces from each for this square.
Square Forty-six...(third week of April) Using up scraps and working on Laura Dearden's retirement quilt.
Square Forty-seven...(fourth week of April) Using up more scraps from the retirement quilt for Laura Dearden.  Teachers' Association of Paradise sponsored a reception for all retirees.  Photo of Tom and me from the event.
Square Forty-eight...(last of April/first of May) Gold Nugget Days!  I was in the parade with Relay for Life (American Cancer Society).  Also this week began preparing for summer hand work by cutting pieces for Dresden plate quilt.
Square Forty-nine...(first week of May) Spent the first weekend in May at Graeagle with friends sewing a quilt top for Annie's Star Quilt Guild (to be auctioned off).  The pattern is "Tiramisu".  We each brought fabric and spent some fun times sewing, eating, laughing, hiking, shopping and playing dice games (see Dice Games!)
Square Fifty...(second week of May) Jesse and Loeta Robles are expecting their second child.  This week was spent working on a baby quilt.  The square uses some of the scraps from the project.  Also this week I presented Laura Dearden with her quilt at the school board meeting.  Retiring teachers each received an apple from Orient and Flume Glass (see top of photo).
Square Fifty-one...(third week of May)  Team Success sponsored a retirement luncheon for me at Johnnie's Restaurant in Chico.  Adam, Julia, Amelia and Gabriel arrived for a visit.
Square Fifty-two...(last week of May)  Adam, Julia, Amelia, Gabriel, Tom and I took a carriage ride through Bidwell Park.  We also attended Carson Vanella's 4th birthday parties.  On my 60th birthday we picked up dinner at La Hacienda and went to Father and Mother's to celebrate.  John and Sue, Roy and Donna joined us.  We had strawberry shortcake and ice cream for dessert!