Quilt Dice Games
Quilt Dice Patterns 
(US patent #USD579,057S) 
Family fun for ages 3 to 93!
This page features photos of regular dice and fabric dice I have made using the Quilt Dice patterns.    Scroll down to read directions.
Click the earth image below to access additional instructions and score sheets for more games using Quilt Dice!
Children LOVE to throw the cloth dice high up into the air or on the floor.  Have GREAT family fun while teaching shapes, score tallying AND quilt patterns!
Fabric which has had 
the patterns ironed on covers two inch foam cubes.
Three inch foam cubes covered by pieced fabric squares using the quilt dice patterns.
Three inch foam cubes covered by rubber stamped fabric using the quilt dice patterns.
The printed fabric (via Spoonflower) for making your own 2" cubed Quilt Dice is NOW AVAILABLE!  $15   (Pictured below is are sets of the prototype dice)  
Please e-mail me with your order/comments/suggestions/requests.  Thank you!   peggyarms123@gmail.com