Quilters’ Nine Patch Dice Game

Object:  To score the highest total number of points.


To Start: Each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest scoring roll (see scoring below) begins. Play passes to the left.  Every player places an ‘ante’ in the ‘pot.’  Two or more players may play.


On Each Turn:  A player rolls all three dice and scores points as shown below, keeping a mental running total for that turn.  A player continues to roll until a roll produces no points.  The player records the total for that turn in a square.  Each square only holds the total from one turn.  Then play passes to the next person.  If no points are scored in a turn, nothing is recorded in the squares...9 patch (or 4 patch for shorter games).



1 point:  two dice with the same pattern

5 points:  all three dice with the same color

10 points:  all three dice with the same pattern


    When any player fills nine squares (’patches’), the game ends.  All players total their scores in the squares.  The player with the highest total is the winner and wins the ‘pot.’




Quilt dice may be used in any game where traditional numbered dice are used.  Color just adds another dimension.

                       Game by Peggy Arms


                 !!!   WARNING:

         CHOKING HAZARD—Small parts.

          Not for children under 3 years.

Nine-patch score sheet

(like a tic-tac-toe grid surrounded by a square)

Four-patch score sheet for a faster game

Playing pieces: Three special six-sided, colored quilt dice, each side showing a different quilt pattern: Circle-in-a-Square, Half-square Triangle, Rail Fence bars, Four Patch, Square-in-a-Square, and Flying Geese.  Patterns correspond to numbers 1 to 6, consecutively as listed above (and shown here).