Annie's Star Quilt Guild
Challenges and Round Robins

My first attempt at a round robin was begun in the fall of 2003, the year two granddaughters were born to us.  I decided to put the two Grandmother's Flower Garden flowers and
to add to Sunbonnet Sue's 
that I scanned (from a quilt
made by my Great grand-
mother)and printed onto 
fabric.   After a year of
contributing to the other
round robin quilts, I finally got
my quilt back and was VERY
pleased with the final result.
I added a border, photos of
Lexi and Amelia and an added
photo at the center bottom of 
the quilt of our new grandson,
Dean.  It was interesting to read
the journal entries of the
women who contributed strips
to my round robin quilt.  Quite
a wonderful experience.
First Challenge
Second Challenge
The second challenge was begun in the fall of 2006 with a theme of celebrating the anniversary of Bidwell Park.  I created four log cabin blocks representing the four seasons of the year.  Included were small photos taken 
during family outings in the park 
as well as a photo of Annie Bidwell 
who gave the park to the city 
of Chico.
I made my first challenge quilt in 1997.  Because the fabric required had a tea bag design, I decided to use the 'T' quilt pattern.  The requisite 9 patch was added in the corners.  Because it was only 25"x25" I hand quilted it, designing a tea cup pattern as well as the words "Four Our Tea Time" (with  a play on the word 'for' to match the four 'T's).