Quilt Classes
Karen Stone spoke at Annie's Star Quilt Guild and offered a class the next day at Honey Run Quilters (May 6, 2006).  I had followed her pattern for the Indian Orange Peal (Briny & Lani's wedding quilt link) so I was excited to take her class and make a star wall hanging.  She instructed us to make a grid and fill in with stars, but I opted to place stars randomly and use a variety of star shapes.
(exhibited in the 2007 Annie's Star Quilt Show)
"Twinkle, Twinkle"
34" x 38"
While working on the quilt I awoke one night and wrote the following to go with the quilt I made.


Twinkle, twinkle “K. Stoned” stars,
How they wonder what you are.
Strewn across the fabric blue,
None the same, the lot of you.
Ribbon, yarn and fabric shine,
Making every star divine.

Twinkle, twinkle “K. Stoned” stars,
How they wonder what you are.
Silk, chenille or perhaps cotton,
Don’t ask the quilter, she’s forgotten!

Shimmer bright and sparkle too,
Many eyes are viewing you.
Wonder they will at your creation,
Yet that won’t stop their awed elation.

Class was held and specs were told,
But she’s not one to fit the mold.
“Make a grid.”  “Heavens, NO!
Let me free to create and sew.”

“The method’s great.  The teacher’s fine.
But this star quilt will be all mine.”

Two close up shots.
Sisters, OR 2008
Asilomar, CA  March 2009
Jane Davila's class.
  • Peggy & Dean on Aliso Beach, Southern CA 2007
  • Tom & Lani at Doheny State Beach, Southern, CA 2008
  • Roy, John & Peggy on a Northern CA beach 1954
  • Lexi & Dean on Doheny State Beach 2008
  • Roy, Irene & Peggy on the beach near Cliff House in San Francisco, CA 1952