Tommy Taylor's quilt
When Laura Taylor went to the state kindergarten conference in January, pregnant with her first child, I got each of her students to put their hand print and name on a square of fabric.  The quilt was backed with ABC patterned flannel.  This was before I really got into quilting so the quilt is tied.
(born May 23, 1994)

Olivia Taylor's quilt
Along comes Laura Taylor's second child and of coarse she needs her own quilt.  By this time I have begun quilting.  This simple four patch quilt is hand quilted.
(born November 8, 1996)
Annabelle Taylor's quilt
Not to be left out, Annabelle Taylor got her own flannel baby quilt.  It was a single print fabric with a bar border and 9 patch corners and machine quilted.
(born June 10, 1998)

Julia Taylor's quilt
Julia is number four!  Her quilt was made from fabric given to me by Katy Schrum, Laura Taylor's teaching partner.  The fabric was left from dresses Katy had made for her two daughters, Samantha and Molly.  It has a cotton front with flannel backing and is machine quilted.
(born March 8, 2001)
Molly Schrum's quilt
About the same time Olivia Taylor came along, Molly Schrum arrived on the scene and so her quilt was made from some of the same fabric as Olivia's.  Their mothers, Katy Schrum and Laura Taylor tandem teach a second grade class.
(born October 29, 1996)

Baby Quilts :)
Taylor Gallery
for Ashlee Anne Fipp,
born July 5, 2004
for Carson Michael Vanella,
born May 23, 2004
Two of my wonderful nieces, Jenny Fipp and Carrie Vanella, make excellent mothers.
Cowboy Carson's quilt

    When Josie Chambers announced she was pregnant my first thought was....QUILT!  Then she found out she was having a boy and she was going to decorate with a western theme.  With my 'cowboy' family background I decided to include family brands in the machine quilting (see back of quilt below for the 'fishtail T' and the 'quarter circle hundred eleven').

  A photo of Carson in his cowboy hat with his 'horse' is also below. 
Jordan's quilt

Ryan and Holly Jones were expecting their first child and he needed a quilt!  I'd always wanted to do the tumbling block pattern and had some Dick and Jane fabric to use  Since they were using Winnie the Pooh decor I used a panel on the back of the quilt.
Dave and Jenny added another baby to their family...Lillian "Lilly" Emma Fipp January 28, 2007.  Her baby quilt with a nursery rhyme theme, her baby announcement photo and a detail of the center of the quilt appear below.
When Jen Leighty announced she and Harley were going to have a baby, I immediately began thinking 'quilt!'
Josie was born August 23, 2006.
"Nidas" as a newborn.
Of course a baby quilt was in the making when I heard Breanne and Leo Oviedo (my cousin's son) were expecting a boy.  With a frog theme in the nursery I had fun creating a frog pattern (using the print on a pillow ... center... for my guide).  Leonidas was born October 17, 2006.
Jessie and Loeta Robles (my cousin's daughter) were expecting their first baby so I made a celestial receiving blanket and after Julia was born I added her name and birthdate (where you see the blank rectangle in the photo below which was taken before Julia was born).

Julia Robles
August 1, 2006
On April 16, 2007 Ryley Justin Vanella was born to Ryan and Carrie, giving Carson a baby brother.  His baby quilt with an ABC theme and his quilted name and birthday appear here.  We were able to meet Ryley and give him his quilt at the annual May ABC (appropriate time) Brunch put on by the Chico Rotary.
"Josie's Garden"
"Sweet Dreams, Julia"
"Nidas Gets Frogs"
"ABC for Ryley"
Grandpa Roy and Ryley
Mumsie (Donna),  Mommy (Carrie)                                and Daddy (Ryan)
At 2 months old, Ryley is happy on his quilt. 
At a school-held baby shower (January 17, 2008), I gave Sonya Huss (ex-4th grade teacher at Paradise Elementary) a quilt for their yet-to-arrive first baby.  The front is a flannel Winnie-the-Pooh (her theme) fabric with two yellow flannel rectangles for the quilted name and date of birth.  The back is a green chenille.  Machine quilting outlines each figure and then forms a wandering pattern of hearts and words.
Catalina Sophia Huss!
Sonya and Catalina (3/28/08)
Elliana Bella Robles
On May 18, 2008, Loeta, Jesse and Julia Robles welcomed a baby girl into their family!  Her quilt has a Peter Rabbit theme on the front and a flannel backing.  Her name and birthdate are machine quilted onto the front.
Welcome, Elliana!
(see her sister, Julia's, quilt above)
On October 2, 2008, Breanne and Leo Oviedo (see their son, Nidas' frog quilt above) gave birth to a daughter, Lorelai Catherine Anne Oviedo.  She weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces.  

When I heard Breanne was pregnant I called to find out if she had a theme for the baby's room.  She said the room had been red and black with the Coca Cola collection so she was going to go with 'ladybugs' for a theme.  What fun it was to make a ladybug quilt with ladybug fabric and some round, 3-D ladybug flaps!

It was such a pleasure to hold Lorelai and give her this quilt, today, 10-11-2008.
"Lorelai's Ladybugs"
Lorelai Catherine Anne Oviedo
On October 29, 2009, Tyler Bernard Fipp was born to my niece, Jenny and her husband, Dave Fipp, giving Ashlee and Lilly a baby brother.  His baby quilt has a football theme (since Daddy is a coach for the 49ers). His quilted name and birthday are quilted onto the football field and the details of his birth are on the label.  Quilting on the boarders include the phrases...Go team!, Win team!, Touchdown! Yea!, You are a star! and You are loved!. 
Touchdown Tyler!
Ashlee and Lilly get matching quilts for their dollies!
Coming soon...Kate Vanella's baby quilt
Scarlett and Josslyn O'kane...yet to be posted